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River Rot Rx

A supercharged version of River Rot Rx, Fisherman's Friend is (infused) with a shot of Oregano oil- to act synergistically with Colloidal Silver to fight infection.  use preventaively or on a wound to inhibit microbial growth or destroy them cell by cell-

Proprietary Blend of:
Colloidal Silver 17 ppm
Aloe Vera
Wild Oregano Oil
Distilled Water

Oil of Oregano ranks alongside Colloidal Silver as one of the most potent health and immune boosting substances on the planet. The combination of Colloidal Silver and Oil of Oregano takes care of pathogenic bacteria with little disruption to beneficial bacteria. It is also antiviral and antifungal, which makes it a powerful three-in-one combination that rivals pharmaceuticals while not encouraging antibiotic resistance.

Stab yourself with a hook? Punctured by a fin? Disinfect any wound with this powerful antimicrobial spray.


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