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Made to order

Primed with CLARY SAGE, this inhaler proves to be a great overall tonic- relieving anxiety, pain and muscle cramping issues. Also helps with chronic fatigue, digestive and respiratory issues.
CLARY SAGE is a great overall tonic to carry with you everywhere! Especially when traveling.

Herb's Inhalers use PURE ESSENTIAL OILS- NO FILLER/ CARRIER OILS! Making for a full strength, long lasting inhaler!

A carry along, holistic support solution GENERAL MALAISE. Priceless. Simply twist off the top and hold under the nose. Inhale for a count of five...hold in for a count of five...then exhale through the mouth. Repeat on other nostril. Can be used as needed. Lasts months!

Read a little more about aromatherapy inhalers here:


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