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Our essential oils are the best quality offered.  We shoot for those having been tested for purity.  Essential Oils are concentrated phytochemicals derived from the plants as named on the label.  They can be used topically or ingested as needed.

We offer Organic Bulk Dried Herbs as a first priority. Herbs can be used as a base for making your own Tinctures, Salves, addition to Foods and Prepared Teas. This is a great option when you want herbs, but don't want to grow them!

Herb's ETSY SHOP carries HERBS HOLISTICS prepared products. From Tinctures to Face Saver Spray, we offer alternatives to conventional products- using therapeutic grade essential oils and organic herbs in the process.  Feel free to browse, and be surprised at what you find.

We offer GARDEN SUPPLIES we have used in our practices, saving you the trouble of verifying the quality of the products.  Surely you are not limited to these in your YOUR BIG FARMACY grow bags, but you can order from here. Just an option.

This shop carries OUR researched and developed MEDICINAL TEAS.  We are always researching and developing new ways to boost health and personal tranquility.  DRINKING HERBAL TEAS  deliver beneficial phytochemicals - antioxidants, hydration opportunities- a generally healthy habit.  Choose an appropriate MEDICINAL TEA BLEND and see the difference.  We will be adding healthy tea blends, smaller sample sizes of dried herbs, and other interesting tea drinking supplies.  This will have our IN THE PIPELINE products as they emerge and become available ON THE SHELF.  STAY TUNED!

Amazingly, our bulk herbs are available in smaller portioned, capsuled form... In this way, you can have a measured dosage every day to deal with any issues of health.  After much research, and the consideration of cost, we have chosen a single brand of capsuled herbs to make available through this shop. You can order through our shops, which helps us in site maintenance cost.  Thanks!